At a Skillfultouch, we strive to bring Fitness, Recovery and Nutrition to every client. We develop a customized approach to wellness utilizing your every day life experiences allowing you to maintain, as well as reach your fitness goals with limited effort. 

Real Life, Healthy Life, Skills For Life is not only our slogan. It's what we live by, it's what we create!



Every approach achieves that elusive passage that allows your mind to reconnect with your body



Every approach achieves that elusive passage that allows your mind to reconnect with your body



Personal / Private Chef Services Include
Initial consultation to determine your taste & nutrition preferences
Unique menus designed to suit your palate & lifestyle
Fresh ingredients procured to prepare your selected menus
Personal grocery shopping
Careful preparation of your selected menus (usually food prepared for the week)
Descriptive menu with warming instructions


the team

the team

Jason peters

Licensed Massage Therapist

Over 13 years of continuing education, experience and expertise. 

Certified in: Functional Movement, Advance Sports Massage, Advanced Stretching, Deep Tissue, Advance Myo-Facial techniques of the Lumbar & Shoulder, Medical Massage, and Prenatal. Specialized treating common symptoms relating to TMJ, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis of the hand, arm and shoulder.

Hands on experience and a diverse knowledge of Anatomy, Myology, Physiology and Kinesiology; gave Jason the tools necessary to not only address professional athletes recover from minor to severe injuries, It gave him the tools to develop techniques with a unique approach accumulating all he has studied to address the needs of any unique limitations or chief complaint .

His clients say that each treatment felt intuitive, each touch felt healing and deserving bringing them to new heights that enhanced their health and overall well-being. 

Allow yourself to experience the next level of Massage Therapy. Jason's Skillful Touch not only addresses your needs, he breaks the gap of disconnection and reconnects your mind to your body.


Darcy auguste

Fitness Practitioner

Area of Expertise: Strength & Conditioning, Loaded Movement, FMS, VIPR, TRX & Kettle-Bell.

Focus: Weight loss, Muscle Development, Endurance Training, Functional Movement and Special population.
I have always wanted to help people, and personal training became that platform for me. I believe I have the best job in the world! Everyday I'm teaching new skills, motivating people to live a healthy lifestyle and helping them understand how the body functions. Using the personal questionnaire assessment and FMS (Functional Movement Screen) to create a program based on the clients needs. Client safety is important to me! My clients must effectively master the basics before they move on to advance exercises.

Hobbies: Traveling, Cooking, Camping, Kayaking, Skiing, Climbing, Basketball, 

Philosophy: The smartest person doesn't know everything, Happiness is a lifestyle. Whistle While you work. 

Jeff Wallace

Executive Chef

Born from immigrant parents from Trinidad & Tobago, they were his biggest inspiration in life. Both parents were exceptional cooks, and from that moment, he knew exactly what he wanted to become in life. 

Graduate of the Art institute of Culinary Arts NYC in 2001. Jeffrey Wallace served as a chef for over 18 years at some of New York's prestigious restaurants. The 21 Club; the Hilton Garden Inn hotel in Midtown; The Mercy Kitchen and V Steakhouse. Two four-star eateries owned by restaurant mogul Jean-Georges Vongerichten where he learned top-notched classic French cuisines.
His goal is to cook food his way and deliver it to those who would have no other chance to discover it. "I want to create a fun environment in the kitchen where people feel comfortable creating meals that is simple, tasteful and stress-free". 

Our vision at a Skillful Touch is to change the way people think and eat today and for years to come. And by that, we will build a fun healthy platform where not only are you creating healthy food, but living a better, healthier lifestyle.